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Our functional medicine approach identifies the root causes of your health concerns. We leverage the power of lab tests to identify biochemical and genetic markers and dive deep into lifestyle factors to create a personalized plan for long-term wellness.


Achieve optimal health through personalized meal plans, ongoing use of our digital meal planner, and nutritional counseling. Using food as medicine to help you prevent and reduce chronic disease.



We offer custom herbal formulas and pharmaceutical-grade supplements. Selecting the right supplement is essential. We use a variety of advanced lab tests to identify your nutritional needs and guide picking the right supplement.

Our Prices

Consultations with Dr. Gigi are held using our HIPPA-compliant software. Sessions are 30 minutes in length. 

Personalized care that empowers

Our personalized approach ensures you feel heard and respected.  The care we provide is restorative and enables you to find ways to get back to doing the things you love.
We believe affordability is essential to good care. Being able to engage in a course of treatment is a large part of our patients’ success stories.  Our virtual sessions are affordably priced and we offer a range of products and testing options at a range of price points.
Affordability, community, and individualized care are the foundation of medicine that empowers.

Why Work With Us


You want a natural solution that gets to the root of the problem.


We integrate
natural medicine with time-tested
traditional methods,
blending East & West.


We get to know you and create a treatment plan and lifestyle program that fits your situation.


We aim to be affordable and sustainable.

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A growing online resource to optimize your health through self-care practices, seasonal health guides, nutritious recipes, and natural medicine recommendations, providing valuable insights and practical tips for achieving optimal health and well-being.


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